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*if paying by ePassi, Smartum, Edenred or Eazybreak, please make sure in advance that you have wellness/massage benefits ! EazyBreak users also need to check with their employer that the company has made a service contract with Hämeenlinnan Hieronta.


As a massage therapist, I wish to help all my clients precisely according to their own individual needs, and perform my job to the best of my ability. This is why , starting from 1.9.2021, I will only charge for my time.You do not need to figure out which additional services you would need or have use for. No surprises, no extra charges.

In other words, with each individual client I will discuss their musculoskeletal issues, treatment needs and goals. Based on this, the massage may be supplemented with one or more of the following:

  • thermotherapy (heat pack)
  • cupping
  • masticatory/jaw muscle massage
  • cryotreatment (ice massage)
  • passive or active stretching
  • joint mobilization
  • traction treatments (e.g. in cases of arthritis)
  • exercise/stretching advice
  • ice gel application
    Read more about treatment modalities below the price list.

In addition, Hämeenlinnan Hieronta is the only place in the Nordics which uses one-of-a-kind, high quality Renarthro®products. The Renarthro® Oil and Ice Gel ice gel application contain dry extracts of frankincense and myrrh, which have been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation in muscle and joint tissue. I use Renarthro® Oil to massage all clients, except in cases of nut allergies (then a hypoallergenic lotion is used).

Prices starting 1.9.2021*

45 min | 44 €
60 min | 53 €
75 min | 61 €
90 min | 68 €

Save by purchasing a multicard!

3 visits: 3% discount
5 visits: 5% discount
10 visits: 10% discount

*huom. sarjakorttia ei voi ”ostaa” lahjakorttisaldolla, mikäli lahjakortti ei ole valmiiksi ostettu sarjakorttina


Massage is used to help the body recover, and to treat problem areas in the muscles which can cause pain. Practically speaking, massage relaxes, warms up and stretches muscles and by doing so, we can treat possible adhesions and scar tissue. Muscles during a massage become more elastic and pliable as they become more relaxed.

Note: Classic massage (klassinen hieronta) as opposed to sports massage (urheiluhieronta) is no less effective. Both modalities use the same techniques, and the amount of pressure in completely relative, and is determined based on the customer’s wishes and needs.

Masticatory/jaw muscle massage

Masticatory muscle massage includes work on muscles of the head, face and muscles of the jaw (from the inside and outside of the cheeks), muscles of the tongue, as well as the neck and shoulder area. In addition, we examine the range of movement and position of the lower jaw, as well as any dysfunction in the bite,

The massage revitalizes and stimulates proper function of the area by reducing muscle tightness and improving their metabolic function. Masticatory muscle massage may sometimes also help alleviate symptoms of tinnitus, headache and/or lightheadedness in cases where these are caused by muscle tightness. 

Masticatory muscle massage can be performed even if you have orthodontic devices, implants, etc. You should, however, not come to the massage if you are experiencing active cold sores (herpes) or other infections of the teeth, gums, tongue or cheeks.

If the tightness in masticatory muscles seems to be a result of jaw misalignment or another functional disorder which has not previously been assessed by a professional, you will be referred to go see a dentist.

Dry cupping

This does not refer to bloodletting (verikuppaus) but is instead a type of massage using silicone cups. With the cups, we create a vacuum, which lifts the skin and the uppermost muscle tissue. The cups are then slid across the skin or can also be left on top of particularly tight spots for a few minutes. It is an incredibly powerful treatment — it is particularly helpful for increasing blood flow and lymphatic flow, and it can soften even the tightest muscles. The most benefit is gained by combining dry cupping with classic massage techniques, since it can lead to faster positive results.


The combination of thermotherapy and massage is a very powerful treatment method, which can be especially helpful for chronic back and shoulder/neck tension issues. Heat relaxed tight muscles, improves blood flow and adds elasticity to the muscle tissue. Because of this, massage done in conjunction with thermotherapy can yield more benefits, and you can expect positive results much faster.


Cryotherapy (ice massage)

Ice can be massaged directly onto the skin as a way of treating irritated muscles and tendons, as well as for painful connective tissue disorders such as tennis elbow or Achilles’ tendon issues. Ice massage can also efficiently reduce muscle pain after e.g. a hard day at the gym.

The painful area is massaged with a small block of ice which is continuously moved using fast and light movement. During the treatment, the client will experience four stages of different sensations in the treated area:

1. Cold
2. Prickling/burning sensation
3. Pain (which can sometimes be worse than the initial pain that’s being treated)
4. Numbness

As soon as the numbness stage is achieved, the treatment is stopped. Depending on the size of the treated area and the thickness of the tissue, cryotherapy can last between 4-7 minutes. It is not combines with other treatment methods, though it does not prohibit the massage of other areas which have not been treated with ice.